Pietra Antica - Natural Stone


SELECT Travertine

Our diverse line of honed, filled & tumbled travertine will provide to you that exclusive look that only Tesoro's Pietra Antica can provide.

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TUMBLED Marble 4x4

These classic tumbled marble tiles are offered in the most popular colors adding a matchless deign quality to your kitchen or bath.

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CLASSIC H&F Travertine

Pietra Antica's classic honed & filled travertine tiles a an industry standard and come in a myriad of sizes and coordinating trims.

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From chiseled-edge, squared and eased-edged brushed to unfilled, these travertine & marble tiles, mosaics and trims, we have.

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CHISELED Edge/Brushed

Pietra Antica travertine & marble chiseled & brushed 4-piece Versailles patterns create an instant classic not to be forgotten.

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EASED Edged & Brushed

These antique-edge, eased-edge and brushed 4-piece Versailles patterns in limestone are provided in only the most popular colors.

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We provide only premium-grade travertine and limestone 3mm pavers for your deck. Affording you consistency in color.

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Create unique color effects and add original touches to any room with our premium-quality polished precious stones collection.

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Pietra Antica, natural stone is a popular choice suitable for both residential and  commercial installations. This stone collection is carefully sorted and selected in order to offer “Premium Quality” stone which is available in various colors and finish choices.
Pietra Antica natural stone tiles begin as giant blocks which are mined from the earth and cut into thin slabs. Each slab is different, displaying the affects of the physical course of its ancient history. The slabs are then cut into individual tiles whose appearance may vary adding to the elegance and charm of natural stone. Many tile sizes as well as mosaics and trim pieces are manufactured. Each piece has its own natural characteristics such as color, veining, irregular markings and imperfections, creating the “personality” of each installation.
Because variations in all natural stone are to be expected and enjoyed so to are the samples you view at your retailer which can have completely different veining patterns or color variations  characteristics compared to the stone installed in your home. Final sorting and blending of the stone tiles should also be done while installing natural stone tiles to create the most natural  overall effect. Natural stone tiles will absorb moisture and appear darker until drying is completed.
​It is important to note that sealing of natural stone is highly recommended, and that it be performed by a seasoned professional. Sealing your natural stone makes it less porous, more stain resistant, and protects the stone’s original beauty. There are different types of sealer depending on your type of stone. We recommend consulting with your retailer about sealing your flooring.
​*Please inspect product carefully as no claims can be accepted after installation. All natural stone products should be sealed for best results. Natural stone tiles processed or cut using a wet saw will often temporarily absorb moisture and appear darker until drying is complete.